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Modified on: 11/26/2017 3:23:21 PM

technical support is available to all partners & users of Fleetroot platform.

Currently we support English as a language in the support system , we shall keep you posted on any new additions through our news letters 

Technical support is provided via the following channels:

  • Via fleetroot help desk  http://fleetroot.quedesk.com after user registration approvals 
  • support@fleetroot.com 
  • Through our resellers and partner in each country . Check out partner availability in your region 

technical support works for you 24/7

while creating a support ticket we recommend the following steps to be followed:

  • Name and version of the product you use;
  • a detailed issue description;
  • particular items relating the issue (unit, report template, time interval, etc.);
  • actions that caused the problem;
  • it is advisable to attach screenshots, graphic explanations and log files.

In order to solve the issue in a timely manner the customer (user) should follow all the recommendations of technical support specialists and provide the necessary additional information.

One ticket should contain only one question. If there are several issues, a separate ticket should be created for each of them.


General Query response time48 hours24 Hours12 hours 
A bug fixing 48 hours24 hours12 hours
A feature addition request case wisecase wisecase wise
How to use 48 hours
24 hours
12 hours
A critical technical issue 8 hours4 hours4 hours
A critical server issue immediateImmediateImmediate

Note : your service provider may have separate SLA attributes . fleetroot platform does not take any responsibility or liability on the agreed SLA terms with your service provider , we assure you to handle your support cases in the SLA time terms mentioned above . 

Fleetroot support team