General Queries on Fleetroot Platform


Modified on: 11/26/2017 3:48:21 PM

Is fleetroot TAB freindly ? 

Fleetroot platform works well will all TAB starting from 7 inch , A web browser and through the Mobile applications . Please note that the device that you are using requires an active internet connection.

Browser compatibility ? 

Fleetroot is compatible with the following browsers

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+
  • The latest version of Google Chrome
  • The latest version of Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari 6+

what fleetroot ask to be in a computer to be working properly ? 

  • Windows Vista, 7, 8 or later
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • .NET 2.0 (already installed with Vista)
  • 40 GB hard disk that has 15GB space free
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • Additional hard disk space might be required for data storage
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) 5.0 or later
  • Android 3.0 or later (Android 2.1 or later when using Firefox for Android)
  • Touch screen displays are supported

How often are vehicles updated ? 

Fleetroot map refreshes every 15 seconds in the browser. The device itself will send updates at varying intervals depending on driver behavior or vehicle health. At a minimum, the fleetroot prefer an updates its location at least once every 60 seconds while driving. The more the direction or speed changes, the more often the location will update.

how many users can an account or a business can have ?

You can create an unlimited number of users. Furthermore, users can be configured to have specific roles with varying levels of access. For instance, you can set up distinct groups of user accounts to be used for your dispatchers, managers, supervisors, and administrators. You can manage your user accounts by navigating to Administration and then selecting Users. 

where is the data stored and for how long?

Data is stored within servers managed by fleetroot in Microsoft Azure cloud . As stated in  data will be retained for 6 months. However, should a customer have specific purging or archiving needs,fleetroot will assist in managing those requirements.

how often is the odometer recorded  ?  

The odometer is recorded at the beginning, end, and at every hour of a trip. 

 What are the advantages of using a GPS-based odometer vs. an engine odometer?

  • Vehicle independent
  • Does not rely on engine data
  • Does not require any vehicle Add-Ons like FMS
  • Works across all makes/models
  • Doesn’t change with tire diameter or changes to the engine
  • Works in 2-wire & 3-wire modes
  • Very accurate in most situations

can i have the reports emailed to managers ?

Yes, anybody can receive reports via email. When turning on an existing rule, click the mail button to define email recipients. When creating a rule from scratch, select the notifications tab and select Add email to add recipients.

can we run reports by driver? 

Yes. Kindly go through Video tutorials on how to generate reports by drivers . 

how do i change my password? 

To change your password, select your email address in the upper right hand corner of the screen and then select Change Password.

what happens if i forget my password? 

If you forget your password, click the ? icon beside the password field login screen to reset your password.

As a secondary measure, please contact your account administrator to have your user account password reset. If they are unable to assist you, then please contact your Authorized  Reseller.

what languages are available in fleetroot? 

English .

How can I change the language?

currently fleetroot supports English only , Once we have multi languages we shall address this through a Video tutorial . 

how to assign a vehicle to a group ? 

Vehicles can be assigned to groups by navigating to Vehicles. Select the vehicles you want to change and then select the Groups section. You can make changes to multiple vehicles at a time by selecting the checkmark in the top right.

how to assign a driver to a vehicle ? 

Drivers can be assigned to vehicles by navigating to the map. Select the vehicle you want to assign a driver to from the drop down list by selecting the arrow. You can search for a specific vehicle by name, VIN or serial number. When it appears on the map, select it and then select Assign Driver, then finish by choosing the appropriate driver from the list.

what shape can a zone be  ? 

Zones can be any shape that consists of three or more sides. For example, some users create their zones to contain smaller office locations such as parking lots, while others may define larger zones such as an entire highway.

what reports are available? 

Fleetroot offers extensive reports as basic , with a Report generating tool with Event attributes . kindly go through video tutorials on Report builder and available reports to improve your business efficiency 

How do I customize a report?

kindly go through report video tutorial in the you tube channel .

can fleetroot be integrated with Any other applications or softwares?

Fleetroot provides an open API for customer accounts which can be easily integrated with any other third party applications .