About fleetroot pricing and Resellers


Modified on: 11/26/2017 3:34:15 PM

How much does the Fleetroot solution cost?

Please contact a reseller for current pricing. fleetroot works closely with resellers and partners in every country , you may get in touch with a reseller near you for the solution charges.

What if I need location and vehicle data in real time?

All our subscription provides active tracking and data in real time Any where in the globe.

Who are Fleetroot resellers?

fleetroot does not sell direct , fleetroot provides every support direct to customers through any resellers too — fleetroot is an engineering and software company. fleetroot relies on our resellers to add value to our product and to provide sales, support, consulting, development and project management services around the Globe.   

How does fleetroot secure its data?

fleetroot data is encrypted using SSL encryption similar to any major  institutions. The customer defines who has access to their database and what they have access to within it. fleetroot employees can have access to databases for troubleshooting purposes only, and this is largely on the approval of the customer. To ensure complete transparency and accountability, all access into a customer database is audited and stored indefinitely within the database audit log for the customer to see.